Moving Expenses

If you move to carry on employment or a business in a new work location, you can deduct certain moving expenses incurred in the move. The deduction is allowed is your new home is at least 40 kilometres closer to the new work location than you old home was to the new work location.

Your travel cost for you and your family, including car expenses, insurance, and hotel and meal costs expended during the move.

The cost of meals
and lodging near your new or old residence for up to 15 days, in case your new home is not ready to be inhabited.

The cost of moving vans, or storage costs for you property.

If you rented your former home, any lease cancellation costs.

Selling costs incurred in selling your old home.

If you sold your old home, your legal costs and land transfer tax incurred on the purchase of the new home.

Interest, property taxes, insurance and cost of heating and utilities for up to $5,000.00 incurred on your old home, during a period  in which you are trying  to sell it and you do no occupy it or rent it out, and

The cost of revising legal documents to show your new address, replacing vehicle permits, and the cost of connecting or disconnecting utilities.

The expenses are deductible in the year of move only to the extent of your income from the employment or business in the year in the new work location. You should retain your receipts  in order to prove your moving expenses.